Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Friends With Benefits?

It's suffocating when you have someone breathing down your neck as if they're claiming you're theirs.

It's awesome to have AWESOME friends around you. 
I appreciate that

But when they started to be overly attached... and showing constant hints (whether if its aggressive or not) .. I can't take that shit no more

Hold yo shit togetha~~~!!!

I really don't want to ruin great friendship (or sisterhood)... It's not healthy for me and that person. Enough with helping hands and prevent "handjobs". I don't want to loose great friends.

I need to make these people to understand that I am not their trophy. I am single and please let me mingle. I'm not their belonging. Seriously ... It is really distracting and annoying. Please let us focus on the journey. Let it flow.

Come on lah. We're best friends. We had the best and the worse. I really don't wan't to find ways how to get rid of these kind of people. I really enjoy the company and:

god bless you guys are the best thing in life for me. I beg you don't ruin it.

Take.... a few ......... steps back. 

Can't we be just like Dora the explorer? Boots and Dora are best friends..They enjoy each others company.... but they never had sex.. right? Or even with Diego.. that mexican boy.. or is it indian.. im not sure.

It's comfortable to have friends around. Don't make it uncomfortable. You are smarter than me. Please think it clearly. I am not anyone's property. Seriously... there are boundaries.

If I am starting to loose friends in my life or they gave me the cold shoulder after this post... I... DON'T ... GIVE... A.... FUCK. Seriously.. grow up.

P/S: forgive me for not posting anything for as long as I remembered. I'm busy.. with FACEBOOK. hahaha.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I appreciate.. I apologize

I've posted this in my Facebook profile:

"Which one do you express more to your loved ones?

1. Apologies
2. Appreciation"

..... most of my friends answered "Appreciation" and what they did not mention is


..... just because they are your loved ones... sometimes showing appreciation is the hardest one. sometimes we forgot. To apologize.. the easiest.

Sometimes... saying THANK YOU is good enough. The thought that counts. Even when your loved ones replied:

"No problem. anytime" or "Ah anything for you"

it sounded as if they don't deserve the word "THANK YOU" but believe me


Sometimes... we forgot how to appreciate the littlest things.. a kiss to the cheek perhaps.. or sweeping someone's hair... or even stares at them and smile. It seems CHEESY...


When someone apologize to you.... suddenly. It does not mean that they did something wrong. It means that they are trying to figure out much more way to make you happier.


..sometimes... it's good to give back... even during sex.. or after.. (pardon me) *chuckle*

so.. I want to dedicate this to my honey:

I want to say thank you for giving me hope to love again. I'm sorry if I hurt you in anyways. I'm not perfect, but you are my perfect one. I may not be as cool as anyone else, but I'm trying to please you.
Thank you for being there for me.
Thank you for protecting me
Thank you for saying nice things to me
Thank you for calming me at hard times
Thank you for everything, I Love You

Monday, October 25, 2010

New Place?

Hey..... wazzupppp!

Lama suda nda update. busy bah dengan business

anyways.. I've resigned from my recent Job in August and decided to move out of KK. Now I'm in Ipoh Perak!

I've followed my partner here and started new a-leaf. get it? nice one huh.. No? Don't get it? NVM.

anyways.. I'm happy here. Happy like Paris Hilton's sex tape. Kidding. Wait... I don't watch str8 Porn.. (shouldn't typed that in though) but I did.

Furthermore.. I've opened my own shop here in Ipoh! Crazy? Hell yeah!

So I'm sorry I did not update this blog. I have a new blog to manage. But I'll try to update every now and then. Loads to tell. probably should start a Vlog in youtube or in facebook.

Hey if you guys have some time to spare look-up my new blog http://aleafcollection.blogspot.com

happy days! Don't forget to smirk and save the world

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

[ Moved On ]

My previous entry was so sad... people tend to suffocate in it. well.. now I'm happy. bedazzling myself with smiles. hehe..

any ways... this time around I won't be crafting mellow stanzas. just to write blah blahs about what's happening soon.

I'm stepping back from my job at The Body Shop... not because I have problems with the company, just that I need time with my life... and with my partner.

and yes I'm moving in. a month to go

Thursday, June 10, 2010

[ I'm The Lucky One ]

This person knows how my coffee is done... when I want it just nice
knows when I'm hungry... even when I said I'm not
knows that I'm upset... when he hears my voice
knows why I'm sweating... even when I said I'm okay
knows how to make me happy.... and what pleasures me

But little does this person know
That I'm lucky to have him.
I Love You

Sunday, May 23, 2010

[ Changes ]

I did not changed my mind,
my mind said yes
but my heart did not.

But we connected as time goes by
You made me feel important
You made me feel good about myself
You made me want it, not just to try it
and I meant the relationship, not the fun.

You're sweet
You're incredible
You're smart
You're mature
You're funny

you've mended my heart
I never changed my mind when u popped the question
And that day.. When I come,
my heart said YES to you.

Friday, May 14, 2010

[ If I Say Yes ]

I've dreamt of being with someone
three "pla-infull" years
I've waited

I've met shadows
I can't see them in the dark
They come and go when-ever they want
When there is a time they'll show
When there's perfect timing, They walk-away
When I grasp them in my hands, they don't feel a thing
.. And when they grasp me by surprise
I got scared.

I don't mean to choose
I just want it to be meant
I want it so bad, but I can't be the only one who's hooked
or the other line.

I don't want shadows
I want that person who's standing in front of me
waving, smiling, talking, doing stuff together
one who comes and goes, but did not hurt you
When there's perfect timing, that person would show up and cheer you
When I grasp him in my hands, that person felt my love
And when he grasp me patiently.... passionately... sincerely
I'll say yes...